Outdoor Parcel Drop Boxes for Business: How it Helps
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Outdoor Parcel Drop Boxes for Business: How it Helps


Outdoor parcel drop boxes are basically mailboxes but on an entirely different level. It is an innovation on a trusted and proven system that keeps up with the needs of today’s consumers. Apart from personal use, outdoor parcel drop boxes are excellent for a business setup. 

Types of Outdoor Parcel Drop Boxes

The types of outdoor parcel drop boxes differ in how they are designed. Let’s look into them closely. 

Curbside Parcel Drop Boxes 

This type is the most recognizable parcel drop box design. This outdoor dropbox has a freestanding design where no side is attached to a wall or building. As such, this design is the most similar to traditional mailboxes. 

As the name suggests, these are often seen on curbsides, making them easy to locate. Moreover, curbside parcel drop boxes are a favorite DIY project nowadays as more people recognize their utility and efficiency. 

Depending on the width of the opening, this lockable parcel box can easily accommodate small to medium-sized parcels. 

Through the Wall Parcel Drop Boxes 

If you are not satisfied with the security that curbside parcel boxes can provide, you might like the through-the-wall design better. 

From the name itself, only the opening of the box is visible from the outside. The body of the parcel box is still within the establishment. The recipient can then get the package from the inside. 

This design is ideal for users who have a habit of purchasing high-value materials and those who do not want to compromise their parcel’s security. 

Wall-Mounted Parcel Drop Boxes

The last type of parcel dropbox is the wall-mounted design. This design adds more to the aesthetic value rather than its utility. 

It provides the same security as the freestanding design as the entire box is visible outside. Even if it is attached to a wall, it does not provide the same convenience of the through the wall design as there’s only one opening in this design. 

To make sure that all your parcels fit inside the box, make sure to invest in a large wall-mounted post box. 

Let’s see how any of these parcel drop box designs help with your business. 

  • Fewer Office Hours Distractions

Instead of addressing deliveries straight to home, it has become common for most to receive their orders at the office. Although this practice is not prohibited in most organizations, it can be quite distracting at times. 

Imagine a work production area where someone leaves their work all of a sudden just to receive their parcel. It cuts the productivity momentum, distracts other employees, and, essentially, distracts the recipient whose excitement is up to the roof. 

Investing in an outdoor parcel drop box lessens the to and fro of employees when their parcels arrive. Once their packages arrive, it goes directly to dropbox, and they can check on them when their shift ends. Moreover, they are assured that their parcels are safe from any form of danger. 

It also makes the job of the delivery person easier. They do not have to spend more minutes than allocated, especially when they are delivering parcels for multiple people. 

  • Top-Notch Security

Durable parcel drop boxes are not only beneficial for recipients, but also bring an edge for the smaller-scale business. In this case, we will focus on how it helps businesses that rely on home production. 

Starting a business at home is not an easy feat. You take on every role from production to distribution. Packing may be the most stressful part, physically and mentally, because you need to think of ways to deliver the goods to the expectant consumers without any damage. 

The first step is to ensure that the parcels are safe and complete even before the courier picks them up. Situating an outdoor parcel box on your front lawn will help in this process. 

Even if you finish packing at the dead of the night, you can pile the packages neatly inside the dropbox without worries. Each outdoor parcel box is equipped with durable security systems that are impossible to break without the right key. 

Because of this equipment, your production process gets more efficient and extra secure. 

  • Weather-Proof

Part of the parcel box’s utility is its resistance to any weather condition. With a parcel box right outside, you do not have to worry whether it was delivered during heavy rain or heat. Once the parcel is inside, all you need to do is wait for favorable weather to fetch it. 

This feature is an added benefit for smaller businesses that prepare their packages the night before the pick-up date. You can carefully pile each package inside the box without worries of rain or any condition that may cause damage. 

  • For Hard to Reach Areas

Stationing curbside drop boxes are especially favorable for businesses that are located in hard-to-reach areas. And by hard-to-reach areas, we do not mean locations in the middle of anywhere. This is directed towards office spaces that are within blocks that are difficult to navigate—places where it needs more time for navigation than anything else. 

In this situation, having a curbside parcel box is a smart investment. Unlike your business location, the parcel box will be easy to locate. When you need to send a parcel, you can place it there before starting your shift and not worry about it for the entire day. In the same manner, you can just check the parcel box at the end of the day if the parcel is already dropped off. 

Provided that outdoor parcel drop boxes have durable security, it’s a no-brainer decision whether this is a worthwhile purchase or not. 

Final Thoughts 

Innovations on age-old and trusted technology are often overlooked because of the thinking of “why change something that isn’t broken”. This does not apply to every new-age innovation at all. In the case of outdoor parcel drop boxes, it is proven that they provide more benefits than their predecessor. 

These outdoor drop boxes bank on the level of security and convenience they provide, making them more beneficial for both personal and commercial use. They are also becoming essential among small-scale businesses as they help increase the efficiency of the production and delivery process. 


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