3 Points You Must Consider While Finding Cruelty-Free Vitamin E Cream

3 Points You Must Consider While Finding Cruelty-Free Vitamin E Cream

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Topical antioxidants, such as vitamin E creams, work by neutralising the free radicals generated by exposure to ultraviolet light. Although vitamin E is widely available in food, topical application to the skin provides many benefits. For example, vitamin E permeates the skin and aids in protecting the skin’s natural barrier from the environment.

It also doubles as a moisturising emollient, similar to hyaluronic acid’s benefits to the skin. It helps maintain the seal on the outer layer of skin as well as smoothes out dry skin. All in all, vitamin E is a must-have ingredient for your skincare routine. The only remaining question is how to find the perfect vitamin E cruelty-free cream for your skin? 

How to Find the Best Cruelty-Free Vitamin E Cream 

Here are some of the most important factors to consider while looking for a cruelty-free vitamin E cream. 

Vitamin E Potency  

It is important to understand that all vitamin E creams are not manufactured the same way. As a result, some products are more effective than others. An easy way to find the best vitamin E cream is to check the concentration of the main ingredient. The more vitamin E it contains, the better results you will see.

It helps to fight free radicals, hydrates dehydrated skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and prevents the skin from prematurely ageing.


Parabens are a group of chemicals that are used in cosmetics and body care products to make them last longer. Because cosmetics have ingredients that can be broken down by the environment, these chemicals are added to stop and slow the growth of harmful bacteria and mold, increasing the shelf life of the product. 

However, parabens are thought to mess with hormones in the body, harming fertility and reproductive organs, affecting birth outcomes, and raising the risk of cancer. Therefore, it is essential to look for a paraben-free vitamin E cream.

Animal By-Products to Avoid 

When shopping for cruelty-free or vegan cosmetics, there are some common ingredients to avoid. These are typical ingredients that include animal by-products. When you know what to look for, you’ll be able to avoid these frequent substances and make an informed and thoughtful decision before each purchase.

  • Collagen:  We’ve all heard about collagen in cosmetics, notably anti-aging treatments, because of its ability to add volume and firmness to the face and body. It is common practice to extract collagen from the bones of dead animals, the connective tissue, and the skin of living animals.
  • Carmine: Crushed insect bodies and legs are used to make carmine, which has a deep red tint. Crimson lake, natural red 4, cochineal, and carminic acid are just a few of the many names for this substance.
  • Lanolin: Some lotions and lip balms contain lanolin, which is produced from sheep’s hair.
  • Squalene: It is a common ingredient in moisturising creams and has origins in shark liver oil. It’s distinct from squalane, which is manufactured from either olive oil or sugar cane and is a vegan option.

The Bottom Line

Vitamin E is a staple element in many people’s skincare regimens because of its strong composition, workhorse status, and skin regeneration qualities. Vitamin E cream may be the best solution for you if you desire soft, younger-looking, supple skin. Now that you know how to find the best vitamin E cream, you can upgrade your skincare regime right away! 


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