What Makes Snapstar Dolls So Exciting?

Snapstar Dolls

Kids love playing with dolls, and why not. Studies have proven that spending time with these life-like objects can have a positive and soothing effect on children. Modern doll manufacturing began during the 15th century in Germany until they became popular with industrialization by introducing plastic, porcelain, and other similar materials. Collecting dolls as a hobby or pastime began in the 20th century and has become popular ever since. Dolls are available in various shapes, sizes, designs, and features. Snapstar dolls are a unique set of six social influencer dolls, and each of them has a unique sense of style. What makes them such lovely companions for your children? Here is some information about snapstar dolls that could help you if you wish to give these dolls as a pleasant surprise to your little ones.

What Are Snapstar Dolls?

Snapstar dolls, as defined above, are a set of six dolls, each with a different passion, such as music, travel, style, photography, and fashion. They can be identified by their clothing style, accessories, and overall appearance. Even if the kid does not find a particular doll interesting, they will find something appealing or engaging in the others.

How Are They Different from the Other Dolls?

Even though you could randomly assemble six dolls into a set, they would look entirely out of place unless they have individual qualities that distinguish them from each other. All the six figures in the collection stand out from each other, and here’s what you should know about each of them.


Dawn is interested in high fashion and everything connected with style, grace,

and luxury. She has a strong personality and believes in getting something she sets her heart on. One of her favorite activities is dressing up stylishly for an occasion and attending parties at events filled with celebs.


The next in line is Echo, a hair and makeup artist by profession. She has a carefree attitude and enjoys life with her easy-going personality. Since she is passionate about beauty tutorials, it has played a significant role in making her a social media superstar.

Aspen Doll


Aspen loves traveling and will miss no chance to embark on a trip. Because of her wanderlust, she is always seen making travel plans. When Aspen is not traveling, she loves decorating her place with exquisite treasures collected from different parts of the world she has visited.


Nobody symbolizes energy, enthusiasm, and cheerfulness as much as Lola, the fourth doll in the Snapstar dolls’ set. She is passionate and carries a positive mindset, wanting to change the world for the better.


Kids attracted to music in any form will immediately bond with Yuki, the fifth doll who is an ardent music enthusiast. She never misses a chance to attend EDM and DJ parties wherever she finds them.


You would not usually come across environmentally conscious dolls, but Izzy is an exception. Nobody cares more passionately about the environment than her, and you can often find her recycling stuff while hosting DIY crafting parties. She likes wearing a white furry jacket and decorating her hair with space buns.

Do These Dolls Come with Accessories?

Yes, various super-detailed and trendy accessories are available for these dolls, such as Echo’s icy blue hair, Aspen’s flower crown, Yuki’s leather jacket, and Izzy’s white sneakers.

These are the Snapstar dolls your kids will love playing with and will grow attached to them as soon as they receive them. Since they come with multiple accessories and are customizable, children can also engage in some imaginative role play.

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