How to Qualify for a Workers’ Compensation Settlement for a Back Injury

It is no secret that getting hurt at work can be heartbreaking, but with a workers’ compensation settlement in hand, people often get back on their feet faster than ever before. Here are essential ways to qualify for such a settlement after suffering from a back injury while on the job.

Determine Whether You Are Eligible for a Settlement

People who have experienced a back injury are among the many that are eligible for a workers’ compensation settlement. However, it is essential to note that you will not qualify for a workers’ comp settlement for a back injury if you have not received medical treatment for your injury in the past six months. Without medical attention, your case could end up with no progress.

Remain Accurate and Honest Throughout Your Case

The insurance companies will look for any reason to deny or dispute your claim. Please do not give them one. Always be honest about the events that occurred and any injuries you sustained. They will not care about your intentions or the pain you might have suffered.

Step Back from Work Following Your Injury

If you can, you must adjust your work schedule after suffering from a back injury. If possible, find a new job and complete at least six months of medical leave before filing for a workers’ compensation settlement.

Include Photos in Your Work Injury Claim

If possible, carry photos of your injuries after suffering a back injury during your claim. If required, you can then use these as evidence or to convince the insurance company that you are not faking it.

Inform Your Employer of Your Slip-and-Fall Accident

As soon as you feel you have a legitimate case, inform your employer of the accident. People often turn to their employers after suffering from a slip-and-fall injury because they are scared to go through the process alone. If you are worried about an impending lawsuit, get the ball rolling immediately. Remember that you have a limited time to file your case, so you should not wait too long before getting started.

Stay in Contact with Your Workplace

If you do find yourself slipping and absent from work for quite some time, try to keep in contact with your workplace. Make sure that the people in charge of hiring know the progress of your case and how you are doing. If you tell them that you are recovering from an injury and might be out of work for an extended period, they will likely be more lenient about your situation.

Call Your Doctor to Give Them a Heads Up of Your Injury

The next time you see a doctor, be sure to inquire about how long it will take before you can return to work after suffering from a back injury. Because you are in charge of contacting your doctor, it only makes sense that you should call them to let them know about your injury. The doctor will then be able to accurately assess your case and give the legal team all the information they need for a successful compensation settlement.

Contact an Injury Attorney

If you feel that your case is losing steam because you have been in the same position for a long time, it is time to get legal advice. An injury attorney will be able to help guide you through your situation and make sure that the legal team has all the information they need. It would help if you convinced the lawyer that you deserve a settlement, and he will work on getting one for you.


The above are essential tips on qualifying for a workers’ compensation settlement after suffering from a back injury. You must follow these tips to ensure that your case has a successful resolution in the future. However, if you do not think this route is best for you, then consider contacting a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

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