Is it Worth Hiring a Lawyer for Bicycle Accidents?

Is it Worth Hiring a Lawyer for Bicycle Accidents?

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Bicycling is a healthy activity that is getting popular in modern times. However, as anything on the road is vulnerable to accidents, so are bicycles. Assume you are riding your bicycle on a regular day, and a car hits you hard and runs away. Your typical day can become a tragedy in just a few seconds. Your bicycle is ruined in the accident, injuring you as well and leaving you with a gigantic bill that includes your hospital expenses and your bicycle maintenance costs. Guess what, it happens more often than you may have assumed.

There is a misconception that you can’t get help for bicycle accidents. However, when you or someone you know gets into a bicycle accident, the first thing they should do is hire an injury lawyer for legal assistance. Following are some reasons you should hire a lawyer when involved in a bicycle accident.

Legal Support          

A bicycle is considered a vehicle by law, and a bicycler has all the rights on the road. If the accident happened because of someone else’s violation of laws, you are eligible to ask for compensation from that particular person. Your lawyer can help you fight for your rights and compensation in court.

In case of negotiation outside the court, it can become a stumbling block if you don’t have an experienced lawyer. A lawyer handles such cases daily; thus, they know what’s best for you in your case and can help you get the finest outcome from it. Bicycle accident lawyers at Perenich Law can handle your case in the best way possible.

Stand Strong in Your Case

How do you think you stand firm in your case? Definitely, by providing strong evidence in the courtroom. So before going to the hearing in court, you need to make your case strong by collecting all the pieces of information and shreds of evidence.

No one in the legal world believes in words; they believe in evidence. If you hire a lawyer, they will immediately start investigating your case and compiling all the information needed, such as your medical records, bicycle maintenance cost, footage of the accident, copies of the police report, and a witness’s statement. Solid pieces of evidence can make your case stronger and help you win it.

Receive the Best Compensation

The main aim of hiring a bicycle lawyer is to get the best possible compensation. It’s crucial to calculate all your expenses and request the court for compensation, which can be done only by an experienced lawyer. However, you must keep an excellent record of costs incurred in-hospital treatment, buying medicines, and paying for bicycle repair to make the case stronger and watertight. High compensation cannot decrease the mental trauma of the accident and your suffering, but it can help you settle down again financially.

Bicycle accidents are more severe than automobile ones but don’t get the same attention. However, hiring an attorney expert in the matter will win you a fair settlement and guarantee some punishment for the guilty party.


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