Tips to Decorate a Room Quickly and in an Original Way

As practice shows, home comfort is provided solely by the efforts of the owners of the house and not by the high cost of finishing materials or trendy interior design. As Stringer Management Team says, the task of decorating a room can be solved easily and with a modest budget.


This is the most common way to bring originality and style to any room. Depending on the interior style, you can choose from a list: paintings, photographs, panels, wall and floor clocks, mirrors, figurines and statues, and floor and table vases.

Family photos joyfully remind us of all the happy moments, and pictures develop taste. Just place them not too high, so you don’t have to lift your head up while sitting on the couch. Mirrors should be hung so they do not interfere with movement, communication, or sleep and visually enlarge the room. When you decide to sit on an armchair and press the National Casino login button to play your favorite games, you should not feel annoyed. 

Today you can buy acrylic mirrors of various shapes, which are especially suitable for children’s rooms and bathrooms because they do not break and do not fog up.

Wall panels can be made from various materials. These are cardboard and paint, ceramic mosaics, textile elements, photo collage style, etc. It is better to choose the type of panel based on the style.

Partitions and Other Zoning Elements

Not every wall can become a home decoration. However, light mobile (screen) and original stationary partitions (made of facing bricks or glass blocks, as well as glass sliding doors) can perform two functions: visually divide the room into the necessary zones and divert guests’ attention. But if you show imagination, then even an ordinary wall will be transformed with the help of a large mosaic panel or photo wallpaper. And if the first solution is costly, the second one is self-made, thanks to high-quality printing and adhesive backing. In addition, the vertical or horizontal combination of wallpaper greatly decorates the room.

Screens are elegant and stylish interior items that will not suit all styles and rooms. This is a great option for classic and ethnic styles. It is best to place the screen in the bedroom or living room, highlighting the areas of the boudoir or workplace. Such a mobile design will fully fit into the interior. 


A simple sofa cushion can become a bright color accent. It can be matched to the tone of the upholstery of upholstered furniture or all textile elements of the interior. Also, decorative pillows are often used as contrasting accessories. Choose colors and textures that match the overall interior and play with textures, prints, shapes, and fabric materials. You can sew several removable covers and change them daily, depending on the mood or season. This also applies to “outerwear” for upholstered furniture (you can knit a cute cover for an armchair or chair).

To refresh the interior, it is often enough to change the curtains. All drawings, shades, cornices, and draperies will not leave anyone indifferent. Beautiful curtains attract the attention of guests from the doorway. Lambrequin is also essential and performs two functions. It is aesthetic and practical (hides the curtain’s upper edge and part of the cornice). The type and appearance of the lambrequin directly depend on the chosen style of the room.

There are some great ideas for decorating a room with textiles with your hands. If you know how to cut and sew, create a unique designer table or floor lamp. To do this, you can improve an existing lampshade with beautiful fabric, rice paper, newspapers, maps, photographs, branches, and even plastic spoons. The main thing is that the resulting lampshade is transparent enough to scatter light. The easiest way to start is with fabric lampshades, which are stretched over frames that look like simple geometric shapes (circle, rectangle, square in cross-section).

Bright blankets on armchairs or sofas, original carpets, woven runners, and even skins also look very interesting. Do not neglect textiles and get an interesting interior. You can even sew a patchwork-style bedspread yourself from pieces of old clothes or fragments of various fabrics. Just pick pieces that go well with each other. Previously, this solution saved the poor, but today it is used in the design of the most luxurious apartments in a rustic or classic style.

Indoor Plants

A properly designed layout of plants and the choice of the right species allows one to answer the question of how to decorate a room and enrich the room’s air with oxygen and achieve an optimal level of humidity (50-70%). At the same time, plants add coziness to the room. If you do not know how to care for flowers or do not have time for this, then decorating the room with dried flowers or compositions from branches is better.

Lighting Fixtures

You can decorate the room even with the help of LED lighting (especially the lower one, at floor level). It all depends again on the chosen style.

Designers advise that after finishing work and buying furniture, look around and outline where you need to arrange or lay out the accessories. There are many options for decorating a room. The main thing is to observe a sense of proportion in everything and not try to create too many accents in the room.


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