How Can a Compensation Lawyer Help You Make a Successful Work Injury Claim?

Work injuries are pretty common in the workplace. Despite observing the best precautions, they are likely to occur. And when they do, the results are physically and mentally devastating for the injured individual.

Slipping and falling, being struck by machinery, repetitive stress disorders, inhaling toxic fumes, and lacerations are commonly occurring workplace injuries. Most claims made fall under one or the other of these categories.

If you have received an injury at work, either mentally or physically, you are entitled to a compensation claim, also known as a work injury claim. The law requires most states to provide workers’ compensation to their employees.

Regardless of the injury, you must file a claim while following due process. Under no circumstances should you ignore the injury or fail to make a claim. But rather than doing all this yourself, consider hiring a compensation lawyer to help you out.

But why should you hire a compensation lawyer to make a claim? How can they help you? And what are some things you should know about this topic? Read on to get the answers below.

How does the process work?

The exact process often varies from each state to another. However, there is a well-defined process that everybody must follow to receive compensation, which is applicable in most states.

You should report the injury to your employer immediately after an accident. If the accident is so severe that it prevents you from reporting it, someone else could do it for you. Most states offer you a timeline within which to report the injury, which is usually 30 to 90 days in most states.

After you report an injury and submit a report, your employer will submit it to the compensation provider. They will review the report, analyze the facts and statements, and, if your claims are valid, will approve your coverage.

Why do you require a lawyer?

Even though the process sounds pretty straightforward, it involves plenty of complications, some of which might even result in you not receiving the amount of the claim.

And that is why you may seek the assistance of a compensation lawyer to make a successful work injury claim. Your lawyer will collect the witness statements, investigator statements, and related medical evidence on your behalf.

In many cases, the compensation board might refuse your claim on several grounds, including negligence on your part, inconsistencies in the submitted report, not notifying you during the specified time, suspected intoxication, and carelessness while handling machinery.

How will they help you?

Your lawyer will successfully prove that the accident did not occur because of your carelessness or negligence, and therefore, you should receive the damage amount at the earliest date.

They will talk to your doctors and obtain the necessary medical documents proving that the injury is substantial and caused by the working conditions at the workplace. In mediation or a meeting with the insurer, your attorney will provide the necessary documents on liability, income loss, etc.

Ultimately, they will ensure that you receive the claim for the injury received, days missed at work, and other long-term as per the law.

Work injuries are devastating and can impede your ability to work and earn money. You should take the help of a compensation lawyer to file a claim and work out the processes immediately after an injury to ensure you successfully receive the compensation.


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