Best Brawl Stars Guide: Playing as Buzz

We won’t lie: we love playing as Buzz in Brawl Stars. In fact, if you can find Brawl Stars accounts for sale with the cool Buzz Brawl Stars unlocked, then grab them. He is an S+ tier character, plus he looks cool too. This is a guide to playing as Buzz.

The Positives of Buzz

So, why are we telling you to play as Buzz Brawl Stars? Well, because he has high everything. Health, speed, and damage. All great. He can even charge his Super without engaging with the enemy. As long as the enemy is close, his Super will passively recharge.

His only downside is his range, you’ll need to get up close and personal with your opponents if you want to nail them with Buzz, but that’s fine. You’ll manage.

Super: Torpedo Throw

Buzz’s Super is the Torpedo Throw. The torpedo is thrown toward a wall or an opponent (your choice), wherever it hits, Buzz will teleport over there. When he lands, he’ll splash damage and stun all the surrounding opponents. The further you travel, the greater the stun. So, travel big distances and give them a whack with Buzz, and you’ll be out before they wake up again.


His Reserve Buoy gives you an instant super, but it is definitely going to be one that you’ll want to use sparingly. This is because when you use Reserve Buoy, the next Super use won’t stun the opponent. Still, it’ll let you quickly teleport across the map and get a few hits in.

His X-Ray shades are a great gadget for seeking out enemies. Activate them and for the next 12 seconds you’ll see all the opponents hiding in the nearby bushes.

His Star Powers

The tougher torpedo Star Power will give you an extra 0.5 second of stun time if you’re traveling a short distance with your Super. This Star Power will probably be best used on some of the smaller maps.

His Eyes Sharp Star Power increases the speed that the Super charges, meaning more darting around the map.

It’s All About the Supers

As you can probably tell – playing as Buzz in Brawl Stars is all about the supers. Everything you do is working to get that Super popping off as much as possible, helping you to quickly traverse the map and, hopefully, dish out a few stuns. Head around with your allies, and you should knock out a fair number of your opponents.

When you do shoot, move clockwise around your enemies. You’ll get more hits off. You may need to come in close while you get a feel for Buzz’s range.

Finally – don’t let your Super off if you’re low on health. If you do, you’ll be vulnerable to the enemy as you move across the map, and you won’t have any control over what they do to you. This could kill you.

Top Up Your Brawl Stars Account

Love playing as Buzz? Yeah. We do too. Don’t forget to top up Brawl Stars gems with to get some new costumes, or even hypercharge, him.

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