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With these sandwich cutters the possibilities are endless. You do not have to only use them on sandwiches. You can use these cute kids cutters on fruit and veggies, tortillas and cheese. Such a cute snack idea!

A friend of mine mentioned the other day, that her son goes to extreme lengths to stay away from crust. I thought this would be the perfect way to help her son. Also, with school starting it is the perfect thing for those parents whose kids take their lunches to school. Not only does it take the most hated part of the bread off, but it makes really cute shapes. Never again does your child have to take a boring lunch to school.

You can check out all their designs by going to their site

My kids had soo much fun with this product! Although they wanted to slice up everything! But it really is neat! My 7 year old son does not like the crust on his sandwiches so this was perfect. There was a lot of excess bread/sandwich left over but I have other kids who came by and picked up the pieces. These cutters are great for cheese, meats, sandwiches, fruits, veggies, and if you are gentle they are great for Jell-o. I also love that these are sharp enough to cut all these things but do not cut you! These are fully safe to let your kids use. We home school a couple of our children and it’s nice that they can just up and use these. You can stick Fun Bites cutters in the top tray of dishwasher for cleaning. Your kids will love the attention they get at school when their food is in shapes.

Funbites makes any meal fun – my kids cannot wait to eat their unique food shapes.
You can check these out at the website
and Twitter
and even pinterest
At only around $9.99 why not collect them all! We have 3 of them right now. We have the pink, the blue and the green shapes. My girls are partial to the pink one because it shapes your food into a heart. But the boys like the blue and the green one as they are squares and triangle, nothing girlie about that.
So why not pack your kids a super healthy lunch with a cute twist to it?!
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  1. marnie ward says:

    I like to leave a little surprise such as a new pencil eraser or a a new pencil in their lunch box or maybe in a new sticker sheet. Plus sometimes I add a little note.

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