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How do you explain your product or company to your customers?  Do they listen?  How do you grab their attention and make sure your’s is the product of choice?




How It Works Media” specializes in creating these types of “explainer” videos to help your business, startup or even if you are a blogger and want to grab your readers’ attention.  They can be used to sell products, education customers and generate conversations.




As a consumer would you rather read a black and white print ad?  Or would you rather watch a cute, innovative, informative 90 second video?  I would rather see the video – a video that leaves me wanting more.  These short videos a fun, quick to digest and easy to interpret.  They also can increase the chances of your business, blog or product getting picked up by other media – they help to get you noticed even more in email and banner ads too.  Once they get the consumers attention, they keep them and boost your conversion rates.

Check out some of these great videos!

Aren’t these videos great?  Don’t you find yourself wanting to know more?


These videos are an extremely creative and effective way to get your business out there.  These videos get measurable results and if you have a unique or creative product the last thing you want is to get in front of the consumer and not keep them there.  That is a lost opportunity.  You want to turn them into actual customers and keep them engaged and interested.  These explainer videos will give you 90 seconds to get them, hold them, and keep them.  90 seconds may not seem like a long time but it is a great deal longer than you have with a banner or a print ad.  those may give you about 3 seconds.

How It Works Media is Offering a Special Rate for Startups: $4000 for a 90 second explainer video. Offer Valid throughout the Month of September.


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