Professional Teeth Whitening With Smile Brilliant – At Home For A Fraction Of The Cost


Have you ever considered professional teeth whitening?  I have wanted to do it for several years now but having the process performed at a dentist’s office can cost more than $500 easily.  If you are lucky enough to have insurance – it won’t be covered anyway.
Until Smile Brilliant came along, I had no idea there was a way to get the same exact result through the same process, at home and much less expensively.  I thought the only at home options were yucky pastes and strips.


But for just $119.95 Smile Brilliant can make this all happen for you.  You receive a full kit:


smile briliant

You receive everything you need to make your impressions that will be used to make the molds.  You even get enough material for an extra impression just in case you mess up.  But trust me – this was incredibly easy.  My kids thought it was the coolest thing.  Simply mix a base paste and catalyst paste together thoroughly and place in the impression mold, filling it completely.  Then push it up (or down) onto your teeth creating a secure mold and leave it there for one minute and thirty seconds.  Then make the next tray.  Let them set for a half hour before you put them in the envelope that already has postage on it.  See the impression making process…


Then wait for the actual trays to be created from your molds.


smile brilliant 2

The trays are received right back at your door in a nice hard plastic, black protective case.   They are very thin – you will want them to be protected.  You can see the lower right hand corner of the image above – my trays.  Because they are thin, they do not feel big and bulky once they are in your mouth.  The plaster mold on the left usually remains at the manufacturer but I was sent mine so you can see that they are the exact same type of molds and the same process is used that would be used right in your dentist’s office.


When using the whitening gel – place a thin line along the front of the trays (where it will come in contact with the front of your teeth.  Use daily for 1-3 hours.  I am not a smoker or coffee drinker but I am sure the color of my teeth is attributable to years of diet cola.  So I am doing 1-2 hour sessions and believe I am seeing pretty decent results.  I am very happy with this process and must say that I will never return to those nasty strips that you pick up at your local department store.  This is a professional process.


Check this out – yes these are my actual teeth in these trays…


teeth trays

From a distance you can barely tell they are even on.  I definitely do speak a little funny with them on but they are so thin that I am still quite understandable.  I never had braces but I imagine it feels just like speaking with braces – just something to get used to.


The kit also comes with desensitizing gel but I haven’t used that yet.  My kit had three tubes of whitening gel.  I will definitely be ordering more gel – which as long as you take good care of your trays – you will only need to purchase additional tubes of gel for future whitening.

Three extra syringes are $34.95; 6 are $54.95 and 9 are $69.95.


SmileBrilliant! is a national dental lab designed to help their customers receive professional strength teeth whitening without ever visiting a dentist! Their lab was specifically created to curb the high cost of cosmetic teeth whitening that is charged at dental offices around the world.


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