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Are You Ready for the VMAs? Walmart and Tresemme Are!

 This is a sponsored post by Global Influence and all opinions are honest and my own.

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How do you amp up your hairstyle?  When I am looking for an amped up hairstyle I choose an amped up pony tail with curled wisps of hair.  And if I really want to amp it up I add some highlights and accents!  Then I would definitely feel totally at home rocking out with my electric guitar!  Since my hair is straight as can be I would add some waviness to the pony tail itself.
Walmart and Tresemme have teamed up to help get salon perfect hair for the VMA season.  Check out these Walmart Styling videos as well as more information on Tresemme at Walmart.  These videos and products make it incredibly easy to achieve that rocker style hair.


My daughter and I frequently use Tresemme products – primarily their conditioner and hairspray.  I can’t imagine trying to brush her hair without it!  With six people in our house we always have budget consciousness at the forefront of our purchasing decisions and Tresemme products are always well priced and I can frequently find awesome coupons to help even further.  Check out Tresemme at Walmart for yourself and create your own rocker hairstyle.



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