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Norwich Ophthalmology and Dr. Anish U. Shah


Norwich Ophthalmology and Dr. Anish U. Shah

This is not a sponsored post and pretty much out of the norm for what I usually put in front of my readers.  But let’s see if he reads the best blog in the whole entire world – am I right???!  He would like to know why I am always on my electronic devices and if he checks out The Stuff of Success – then he will be amazed and understand.  Who knows – maybe you all can convince him to become a sponsor of The Stuff of Success and gain worldwide notoriety – let’s give it a shot.  We all need eye care professionals – especially as we get up there in age… In my case it has to do with my use of prednisone due to other ailments.

First – his bio…(I know this is the boring part)…

  • Anish U. Shah, MD graduated from University of Pennsylvania where he was conferred the Bachelor of Arts Degree in the double major of Biological Basis of Behavior and Psychology. Dr. Shah attended New York University’s Graduate School of Psychology in the Masters Program.
  • Dr. Shah graduated from the prestigious Robert Wood Johnson Medical School of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.
  • Dr. Shah completed his training in Internal Medicine at Brown University’s Roger Williams Hospital in Providence, RI and is still Board certified in Internal Medicine.
  • Dr. Shah completed his training in Ophthalmology at New York Medical College which included the York Eye and Ear Infirmary in New York City and Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, NY . Dr. Shah served as Chief Resident in 2000.
  • Dr. Shah joined Norwich Ophthalmology in September 2000 where he has developed extensive surgical experience in Laser Vision Correction including LASIK, PRK, and LASEK or Epi-Lasik. Dr. Shah was the first and only Board Certified Ophthalmologist in New London County to offer Refractive cataract surgery with four different implant options. Dr. Shah is certified to implant the Alcon Toric and ReSTOR Aspheric, the AMO ReZOOM, and The Bausch and Lomb Crystalens.
  • Dr. Shah contributes his surgical expertise by traveling worldwide with Surgical Eye Expeditions, Inc.(, a pro bono organization that devotes its time, finances and corporate existence to eradicating blindness related to cataract surgery worldwide.
  • Dr. Shah’s numerous published articles in peer reviewed journals are listed below.

But I know what you all really want to know –

Is he good at what he does – very and I refer everyone I know to him.  He is funny and puts his patients at ease.  He clearly loves what he does and just loves interacting with patients and making their lives better and easier.

Does he take time with his patients to make sure they understand and are comfortable with treatment plans, conditions, medication – I have never had him rush me for anything.  He not only answers any questions I have but also anticipates any questions I may come up with and answers them too.

What makes him stand out from the world of ophthalmologists (seriously could they come up with a crazier way to spell a word) – he talks to you like a real person, in layman’s terms, provides 3D visuals as aids to just about any conversation, provides samples if necessary, literature and he deals with the anxiety of a patient perfectly.  I am not an anxious patient but he asks all the right questions to make sure that I am not.  If a patient is anxious, he would implement a plan to make sure they are comfortable.

Is it difficult to get an appointment? I have scheduled appointments and had more urgent appointments (not emergencies but I needed to be seen) and never had a problem with major delays or concern about how long before my appointment.

Does he have all the resources he needs – Everything he needs is within this facility with the exception of outpatient surgery which is in another building.

How long do I need to wait?  I barely wait at all regardless of how busy the office is.  He is one of many physicians in this practice and I have never encountered a significant delay.  I would say at most I wait ten minutes – not long enough to even delve into a book.

Billing? Effortless, they do it all for the patient and can assist someone through the process if they need assistance.

Environment – Clean and orderly.  Nothing amiss.

Diversity – He speaks several languages.  Although in my case I only need him to speak English – it is comforting to know that so many patients have options other than English while in his care.

Is it worth traveling to receive his services – Absolutely! I actually have eye care professionals much closer to me but Dr Shah is excellent at what he does – his skill, his mannerisms and his patience for his patients.

Now everyone – tell him how great The Stuff of Success is and he should become a TSOS partner!!! 


  • Michele

    I have recently been diagnosed with Drusin which they treat the same as glacoma-but it is not glacoma. So far I have been to 3 opthamologists. The main one I use I love -she keot sending me to others to make absolutely sure what she is doing was correct. It is good to know that there are other great opthamologists out there as well.

  • Ashley

    Quick appointments and hardly any wait is like finding a needle in a haystack. I had to wait in the waiting room for an hour for my OB appt yesterday!

  • Rebecca Swenor

    This is an awesome post and sounds like he is a very good doctor indeed. I think the best ones are the ones who look out and care for their patients the best. Thanks for sharing.

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