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As a woman I am fully aware that safety is of the utmost importance.  I love walking – sometimes for exercise but sometimes just to wind down from a hard days work.  At this time of year however, it gets dark very early and the world can be a crazy place.  Although I took several years of karate many years ago – I definitely cannot rely on that for my safety.  I always try to remain alert while walking and pay attention to all of my surroundings.  I constantly remember two incidents quite vividly from when I was in college.  I used to work third shift and walk to work from campus.  The first time I had an issue, someone started following me.  At first I thought it was in my head but then it became very clear that it wasn’t.  I managed to get away by jumping fences, going underneath fences, through peoples yards etc… and arrived at work safely.  But I was a nervous wreck every day after that.  The next incident didn’t involve a person at all.  I managed to be in a face off with a german shepard in the street.  He did attack and I couldn’t think of anything to do except fight him with every karate technique I had in my arsenal.  It worked – and he ended up taking off crying.  But in both instances I was quite shaken up.  I sure wish I would have had Mace Brand products at that time!


Now (and since then) I will park in out of the way places that have better lighting; I park in slightly less populated areas so I can see between the cars and make sure no one can surprise me; if possible I take a dog with me (we have two) but they are giant breed dogs and not to into the idea of exercise; I always remember to focus on vulnerable pinkies – yup you can take down a grown man with his pinky; I never put my keys away until I am safely in my house; and carry Mace Brand products.


mace the stuff of success


Ever since then Mace Brand has been a part of my protection plan.  I have children now that I wish to protect if they are with me but when they are not – it is important that I am able to come home safely to them.  I have always been a fan of Mace Brand products – years ago I worked in several police departments and they were definitely a perfect solution.


mace 2

I tell everyone – trust your instincts.  You know when something is just not “right”.  Trust it!  And always act confident – do not look like an easy target.  Make them think it is too much work or too much of a risk to bother with you.


This safety kit contained:

Mace Brand Canine Deterrent

mace canine deterrent

Mace Brand Pepper Spray with a safe trainer and a pepper guard

mace pepper spray

Mace Brand Pepper Spray pepper gun

mace pepper gun

Make sure your children know what these products are and what the importance is.  You do not want them to think they are toys.  They need to fully understand their significance.


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