EZY Roller – The Ultimate Riding Machine

EZY Roller The Ultimate Riding Machine

EZY Roller – The Ultimate Riding Machine

This is the Classic EZY Roller and it is designed for kids aged 4-14.  It comes with a couple adjustable rods making it possible to be used by so many different sized children.  Even adults can use this.

ezy roller box

The idea is quite simple – you sit down and hang on the the handlebars beside the seat.  Near the right handlebar is a brake lever.  Put your feet on the foot arm and basically wiggle your feet from left to right.  The larger the wiggle of your feet the sharper the turn.  Small wiggles allow forward movement even on inclines.


Check it out in action.  It does take a little bit of getting used to and this is the kids first ten minutes of using it.  Sephora is 9 years old and really should be using the smaller extender but Anthony is 14 and needs the longer one.  So our solution rather than continually switching the extenders out is that Sephora simply uses a pillow to boost her forward slightly.

Anthony is taking a little longer to get the hang of it but quickly did and was so happy to get moving.


EZY Rollers also has a Junior model for younger kids with an actual handlebar so they feel more in control – rather than than hand grips beside the seat.  The EZY Roller PRO is designed for larger and adult riders.  There is more leg room with an extender and it is designed to carry greater weight.  The Drifter has an altered wheel design for greater drift on turns.  Lastly, their Education model is designed to be sturdier with a reinforced steel frame, double front wheels and extra strong seats making it ideal for preschool and primary schools and camps.


This so such a great riding machine.  The kids will definitely be the talk of the neighborhood and every child will want one.  See where you can find one here!


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