The Camping Season Finally Comes To An End – Our Parting Images


The Camping Season Finally Comes To An End – Our Parting Images

We camp seasonally in Maine and for six months a year we truly live two separate lives.  We live our disciplined lives at home, work and school where there never seems to be enough time for anything and we don’t really have time for friendships and relationships because of work, school, doctors appointments, counseling appointments, piano, school functions, night time meetings and more.  There never seems to be any time to breathe.  Then on Fridays we take on the personas of our alter egos and head to someplace more peaceful, less stressful, fun, full of nature’s beauty and spending all of our waking moments outside.  And Sundays we come back to our weekly schedule.

But now we are entering the six months a year phase where we no longer are camping.  Weekends are often still fun but a different variety – we go to museums, shows, movies, events etc… Not nearly as beautiful as the rest of the year but it sort of rounds out our experiences for the year.

So today we said goodbye to our friends – new, old and those that we will still talk to every day.  And we did not forget to say goodbye to our favorite beach.  A beach where we are often alone with the beach to ourselves or with very few people.  That is very difficult to find in New England and we feel like it is our hidden oasis.

The good news is – my house really needs a thorough cleaning and decluttering.  We spend six months on the go and home doesn’t feel so much like home – then we settle back in – almost like hibernating for the winter…  Enjoy our final 2014 season photos.







No photos of Anthony today – he is trying to exert his right to independence at the moment which means he would rather sit in the suburban on his cell phone than join us on the beach.



2 thoughts on “The Camping Season Finally Comes To An End – Our Parting Images

  1. Nicole Smith says:

    I love these pics of your daughter. She looks so happy and carefree. You can tell how good your weekend trips are for her. You’re definitely teaching your children how it’s important to get away from stress and routine and enjoy life.

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