COMING SOON: Making a Difference in Your Photos With a Light Box

The Making of a Light Box

COMING SOON: Making a Difference in Your Photos With a Light Box

My photos have come a long way in the last year on The Stuff of Success.  But there is always room for improvement.  Now that it is dark in the morning when I leave for work and dark at night when I get home – my opportunities for taking pictures of the items I need to review, the projects I am undertaking are much more slim.  I used to come home from work, open my mail and start taking photos as soon as everyone was settled into their evening routine.  With the lost daylight I either need to find a way to adjust my photos or wait til I have access to daylight on a weekend.

Don’t get me wrong there really is no substitute for a beautiful day in the neighborhood when it comes to taking photos.  But it cannot be the only option.  Lack of daylight will really impact my blogging in a timely fashion.

I have wanted to make a light box for some time but just couldn’t bring myself to spend a great deal of money on purchasing one and although I could make one pretty inexpensively with a cardboard box – I really didn’t want that hanging around my house.

In the next few days you will see just what I did to make it all happen but here is a photo before the light box on a muslin background.


The photo has some shadowing, the details of the car are not very clear and it is just not that appealing.  I can do some editing to make it a bit nicer but not entirely.

This next photo was with my “new” light box and on the same muslin background.  I wouldn’t ordinarily use muslin as a background but it was what I had on hand at the moment.



And side by side comparison so you can see just how much the light box photo has improved the quality.

light box difference

So keep your eyes peeled on The Stuff of Success over the weekend and I will show you just how I made this happen!

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2 thoughts on “COMING SOON: Making a Difference in Your Photos With a Light Box

  1. Marnie Ward says:

    I love the light box. I do a lot of scrapbooking and photo taking. This box would be a great help with improving photos.

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