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Washable Potty Pads for Dogs – Perfect for Giant Breeds

Potty Pads

Washable Potty Pads for Dogs

Our English Mastiff was recently diagnosed with Addison’s Disease.  A side effect for her has been uncontrollable thirst and peeing.  The medication has saved her life but made it also very difficult at the same time.  Everyone kept saying after a couple months she would stabilize and no longer have accidents (since she never had any before getting sick).  But that hasn’t happened.  Over the course of the next few months we will be steadily decreasing her meds as long as her blood work continues to remain within appropriate limits.  Last week we made one decrease (she gets the injection every 25 days) and already her accidents are decreasing significantly in frequency.  In the meantime she definitely cannot hold her bladder, and I cannot withhold water from her all day while I am at work.  My mother in law lets her out during the day and if it is nice she gets to spend hours outside – if not, she is in the basement until we get home – which results in accidents.


Which brings us to the need for potty pads for dogs for a giant breed dog and one who is four years old – far beyond the puppy months.  I have spent a small fortune already on the diaper like ones that you can pick up at the store.  But they aren’t nearly large enough and let’s just say they don’t quite cut it.  Plus they are so expensive.  I go through at least 3 per day so I am spending about $60 per month on these pads.

potty pads again

So I decided to make some.  There are patterns out there to make Mama Cloths (menstrual pads) and I used that same basic logic for a large sized pad for Chewbacca.  They are a little expensive to make but keep in mind I am spending $60 per month already anyway.  There are three layers to these pads.  The first layer is a fabric called PUL which is designed to make fabric diapers.  That is the little duckie side of the potty pad.  The inside (the most important part – is a product called Zorb II which is quite expensive but extremely absorbent.  One layer of this absorbs as much liquid as 2 layers of microfiber terry.  The top layer is not nearly as important.  Since we place a cushioning blanket on top I just used a piece of cotton that I had – this one happens to be Diego.  My kids have outgrown that so I chose to use it for this purpose.  If Chewie was going to lay directly on this pad then I would put a more hardy fabric than cotton on top but as long as she doesn’t chew it – which is never out of the question – cotton is fine.

I sewed the Zorb to the PUL then put it together with the cotton – right sides facing in, then flipped it back out and topstitched.

Voila…  Washable Potty Pads

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