What Would You Do With An Empty Snuggle Box? #CraftyPaws #ContestEntry #Sponsored

What Would You Do With An Empty Snuggle Box

What Would You Do With An Empty Snuggle Box?

I have been given this assignment by Snuggle – come up with a craft to use an empty Snuggle Box.  The problem with this task is that my craft room is under construction and I can barely find anything.  I will detail a very simple project that my daughter and I did – and we do this project all the time.  I will include photos.

First of all we LOVE boxes, preferably anything cereal box sized or smaller.  There is so much you can do with them and I have so many precut for different projects.

For this project we are going to turn that Snuggle Box into a bookmark and a postcard.  The size is very conducive to this project.

One side of this box has a horizontal Snuggle Bear and the opposite side has a vertical Snuggle Bear.  We used the vertical image because that is the side that is not scored to open.

Open Snuggle Box

Separate all the seams to make it easier to cut the box.

Fully Open Snuggle Box

Cut the box down to just the pieces you need.  So we want the vertical image (postcard) and the spine (bookmark).

Two sections of Snuggle Box Needed

Remove the spine from the vertical cover image.  Cut the vertical image piece down to approximately a 4×6 card.  On the flip side of the vertical image – work with the card horizontally – Draw a line approximately down the middle vertically.  I actually draw that line a little to the right of center.  Then draw 3-5 horizontal lines for your recipients address.  (And totally disregard my greenish fingernails – I just tried removing green fingernail polish and it wasn’t cooperating)…

Draw Lines on Rear Side of Postcard

You can skip this next step if you wish but we prefer to do it.  Round off the corners to make a “prettier” postcard.  I actually have a rounded corner punch somewhere in that craft room – it has probably taken up residence with my missing glue…

Round off the corners

And it is done and totally useful.

Snuggle postcard front

Snuggle postcard back

Then you grab that “spine” piece, round the corners and glue a piece of scrapbook paper on the back.

The Gluing process

And her final masterpiece.

front and back of bookmark

You can use holiday scrapbook paper for the back side of either to make it appropriate for Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, Valentine’s Day and more.


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