TheraPOD Moist Heat and Cold – Your Source for Relief

Therapod Moist Heat and Cold

TheraPOD Moist Heat and Cold – Your Source for Relief

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My husband constantly needs hot or cold therapy for his back and my issue is always my legs.  In our home there always needs to be some sort of hot/cold pain relief.  Naturally with kids – cold products also must be on hand.  They always ask for an ice pack for something.

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This Therapod therapy provides soothing 2-in-1 Moist Heat & Cold Therapy. It combines moist heat & cold therapy to treat all stages of the healing process.  It is the only product that does both moist heat & penetrating cold therapy.  Moist heat helps relax stiffness, improve flexibility & relieve pain. Use for sore muscles, joints & -arthritis while the Cold Compress therapy helps treat swelling & inflammation and should be used for sprains, strains, bumps, bruises & headaches.  The adjustable hands free strap for knees, ankles, sinus pain, migraines, etc that provides a comfortable secure fit.

My husband and I are primarily in need of the moist heat function of this TheraPOD.  The kids and their constant injuries need the cold therapy.  I will add the caveat that I tend to be a bit accident prone so cold therapy is sometimes needed by me.  I have had more injuries as an adult – like I am the female version of Tim The Tool-man Taylor.  Nothing is safe from injury with me – joints, tendons, ligaments, needing stitches and more.  So yup – heat and cold therapy are essential in our house, camper, work, car… And TheraPOD is perfect for all these needs.
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