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Italian Turkey Pepper Onions – Perfect for Healthy Eating

Italian Turkey Pepper Onions The Stuff of Success

Italian Turkey Pepper Onions is perfect for healthy eating while at the same time it is absolutely delicious.  I love Italian flavored turkey and tend to favor Johnsonville brands.  This is not a sponsored post but that brand is my favorite.  The sausage is available in mild and hot.  I never choose hot – although it may be delicious, I wouldn’t survive it.  The mild is more my style but for almost anything I make with it – they are interchangeable.

This is very simple – I slice open the sausage and throw away the skin then grill it up like ground beef.  I also chop up some red, orange, yellow and green peppers and slice some onions thinly.  Place it all in the pan together and cook until the turkey is browned.

Drain and Serve.

Italian Turkey Pepper Onions

Some people may like their peppers sliced smaller than I have here but I love chunks of peppers with thinly sliced onions (red).  And then of course I slice up some of the mini cucumbers and I load them up with fresh ground pepper.

Italian Turkey Pepper Onions and Cucumbers

And there you have it – a perfectly healthy dinner!

Italian Turkey Pepper Onions - Perfect for Healthy Eating
: Dinner
  • Johnsonville Mild Italian Turkey Sausage
  • Red Pepper
  • Orange Pepper
  • Yellow Pepper
  • Green Pepper
  • Red Onion
  1. I use four sausages and half of each pepper and onion for my batch. Remove the skin from the sausages and brown the meat and vegetables. Drain and Serve.



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