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Vital Oxide Disinfectant Cleaner – Working To Keep Germs From Spreading #cleanforhealth

Vital Oxide Disinfectant Cleaner

This has been a difficult month in our house.  You know how illnesses tend to cycle through everyone?  Well we are on round #2.  My son gets a cold, then I do, then my husband, then daughter… Then we start over with the stomach bug…. Then the flu.    How can we possibly get any relief when we are spending so much time indoors.  We have already had three major snow storms and are expecting another blizzard this weekend followed by yet another big storm.  The longer these storms continue – the longer we are stuck indoors and the germs stay indoors with us.


The only defense is a strong disinfectant and we have moved to Vital Oxide.  Vital Oxide Disinfectant sanitizes surfaces, killing 99.999% of bacteria and other harmful microbials. Also eliminates odors, mold and mildew on hard surfaces, carpets and fabrics.  I simply apply Vital Oxide on food contact surfaces with no need to rinse or wipe, just allow to air dry for 10 minutes.  It is designed to eliminate: MRSA, e.Coli, Salmonella, Norovirus, Hepatitis B and C as well as Influenza virus (H1N1) and can be used in homes, vehicles, schools, day cares, locker rooms, sports gear, hard wood floors, glazed ceramic, tile, fabrics, HVAC and Air Ducts. Vital Oxide is used agaist the Ebola virus.


Now hopefully we can stop this cycle in its tracks!


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