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Evangers Dog Food and Treats

All Evanger’s foods are made with completely human-grade, highly palatable and nutritious foods that will satisfy even the most finicky eater. With no soy, corn, wheat, artificial ingredients, harmful additives, preservatives or by-products, Evanger’s canned meals make an excellent mixer to their dry foods. Not only do they offer your pet a variety in taste, their gourmet dinners offer the additional nutritional benefits your pet needs. Natural Vitamins and minerals are blended with the all-natural meats for ultimate nutrition that are completely balanced meals for all life stages, ages, and breeds.

Their Hand Packed Edition is a monumental improvement in canned dog and cat foods. They have taken their extraordinary product and made it even better by filling each can individually with one pair of hands, instead of machines. The benefit of this process is that you, the consumer, can actually see the quality ingredients in its original form; whole, pure meats and fresh vegetables without any additives or by products. Your pets will think they are being treated like kings and queens!

Since the 2003 addition of the Hand Packed foods, Evanger’s family of foods has expanded to include the following groups of exceptional foods and treats:

  • Signature Series Cuts & Gravy
  • Hand Packed Dinners & Supplements
  • Gold Line Dinners & Supplements
  • Grain-Free Game Meat Supplements
  • Classic Line Dinners & Supplements
  • Dry Dog & Cat Diets
  • Nothing But Natural Treats in Semi-Moist Jerky and Freeze Dried Varieties


Made in the USA


They have Classic Dinners, Organics, Signature Series and Grain Free Hand Packed cans of food.

Evangers Dried Food

Dried products such as Wild Salmon, Beef Tongue, Beef Tripe, Beef Lungs, Beef Hearts and Beef Liver.

Evangers Dry Food

Dry food such as Whitefish & Sweet Potato, Pheasant and Brown Rice, Grain Free Meat Lover’s Medley with Rabbit, Chicken with Brown Rice, Grain Free Chicken with Sweet Potato and Pumpkin, Hi Bio Beef Superfood and Hi Bio Chicken Superfood.

Evangers Jerky Treats

And Grain Free jerky treats such as Natural Venison, Natural Chicken, Natural Buffalo and Natural Pheasant.


It will be a very long time before my dogs try all of the treats I was sent to try.  But these products are amazing.  Our English Mastiff has many sensitivities as well as Addison’s Disease so we are very careful what we give her in particular and I don’t have a problem with any of these products.  And I definitely won’t hesitate to tell you that she loves them and would love to eat them all in one sitting – yeah, not happening…  But she, our Newfoundland, Standard Poodle and Boston Terrier love all the products so far.


Evanger’s also has cat food and treats as well as food for ferrets.


To see where you can also find these products – use their store finder page.  I don’t believe you will find them at the chain stores.


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