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ELPH Safety ID Band for Kids/Teens – Fashionable Peace of Mind

Elph Safety ID Band

The ELPH story began with a challenge from Gannett Co., Inc. to participate in a contest for new innovative ideas. After tossing around several ideas, they landed on developing a product that would provide peace of mind when exploring the world with your little ones. We researched the idea and learned that the need for a solution like ELPH was common. In fact, they discovered that there was also a huge need for a product for individuals with Autism, Dementia, Alzheimer’s and other medical conditions. Thus ELPH, Easy Lookup to Phone Home, was born, and, out of some 30 teams who submitted ideas in the Innovation contest, ELPH tied for first place and was awarded funding by Gannett to build and launch the product.

ELPH is quite simply help, a simple solution to help reconnect whether used on a daily basis when in crowded public places such as amusement parks, fairs, sporting events, museums, cruise lines etc., to the elderly with medical conditions to persons with mental disabilities. Parent/Guardian contact information is quickly and easily added to our private database in real time.


My children have special needs and it is a constant struggle to offer them some level of independence yet do all that we can to keep them safe.  We have purchased bracelets before for them with an engraved plate that describes what is important for emergency professionals to know.  However, then they kept “misplacing” them rather purposely because they didn’t like kids asking questions about their bracelets.  They didn’t want their privacy invaded.  They are more than willing to wear these bracelets because the information is not directly on the bracelets.  Someone has to scan the QR Code or call the phone number to access the information with the serial number.


The Safety ID bands are available in toddler, child and adult sizes in a few different colors.  My kids love the bright colors and how fashionable they are.  They are your typical wide rubber bracelet that does not really stick out any more than all the other rubber bracelets out there that kids wear for any number of reasons.  They are a little snug to put on but that is so they fit perfectly once they are on.  I was able to put the child one on but I prefer a little more room once it is on.  The adult is perfect for my and my 14 year old son.  The child is perfect for my 10 year old daughter.

Elph bands 3

Once you receive the bands – simply go to, set up an account, and register the band(s).  I was able to put in three contacts to reach in an emergency – name, phone number and email address.  I included information particular to their conditions as well as medications they take and any allergies they may have.  I did try the QR Reader but couldn’t get that to work on either bracelet.  No big deal though because there is a phone number to call as well in the event of an emergency.  The annual service fee is included with your purchase for the first year – then $10 after that.  I will have my children wear theirs as much as possible so it may not even last a year – who knows.  But if you are only using your bands for major events like amusement parks etc… it may be a realistic option to extend the service for a second year versus buying a new band.   I will point out that the other bands we had purchased all cost more than $40 each and the kids hated them.  Elph Safety ID Bands are just $19.99 and the kids love them.


I am very excited about these bands and I know my kids love the way they look and feel so it is promising that they will leave these on!


Right now they have an awesome sale – instead of two bands costing $39.98, you can get two with one year of service each for just $15!!!  Just use coupon code WinterMix  .  I found this information on their blog but didn’t see an end date – I tested it, and as of today it is still working.


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