Ultimate 5 HTP by Natural Zest to Boost Seratonin and Enhance Mood

Ultimate 5 HTP by Natrual Zest

Natural Zest 5 HTP is one of the best supplements on the market to boost Serotonin and enhance your mood; a natural anti-depressant, it provides relief from symptoms of anxiety and depression and it also supports restful sleep.  The main ingredient is an extract from the Griffonia Simplicifolia plant found in West Africa and it has been used for the purposes described above since the mid seventies.


So why is Natural Zest 5-HTP so effective when many other products fail to get results? Evidence suggests that low serotonin levels are a common consequence of modern living. As a result, many people eat too much and experience bouts of anxiety and depression; these symptoms can be reduced through raising brain serotonin levels by taking our 5-HTP.


Extensive clinical trials have demonstrated that 5-HTP is an effective anti-depressant agent, that people who took 5-HTP went to sleep more quickly and slept more deeply and that, because 5-HTP is an appetite suppressant, it also helped them to eat less and lose weight.
I don’t usually have a difficult time falling asleep but I do struggle with staying asleep then being exhausted when I wake up.  What I have noticed while taking this is that I do seem to sleep more restfully and when it is time to get up – I have no problem getting up and getting moving.  I am generally in a really good mood so I can’t really say whether or not it enhanced my mood.  I also found that I need to at least sleep for 6 hours or I do not wake up as readily as I do if I get at least that many hours.  I do believe there is a definite correlation between my appetite and getting enough sleep and feel like my appetite has reduced considerably.


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