Map Is Art Memorializes Our Summer Time Perfectly With Their Marble Clock @MapIsArt

Map Is Art Marble Clock Nagels Summer Time

Map Is Art can be found where fun technologies, beautiful design, and massive amounts of accurate mapping data overlap, to create personalized map home decor that is creative and unexpected.  They use OpenStreetMap, a crowd-sourced map of the world following the same model of Wikipedia.

The Watercolor map style and images presented by Mapisart are designed and created by Stamen Design using data by OpenStreetMap.  Their online design tools turn maps of your favorite places into works of art.

map is art marble clock

We spend a great deal of time in Maine during the summer – and have for years.  It is our favorite place to get away.  Most of my kids’ friends are up there.  I was given the opportunity to create something from and we chose their marble clock.  When you create your image you can slide the map around to the exact locations you want.  We opted to include as much of the beach landscape as possible.  There are several beaches captured in this image and we value them all for different reasons.  Each beach is different even though they are only a couple miles from one another!

Map Is Art Marble Clock Personalization

MapIsArt makes it possible to personalize your creations.  This marble clock should last a lifetime!  They are so heavy and solid as can be.  A great size at 8×8 and they come with their own cast-iron easel stand.


The marble clock creation process fuses the map right into the marble.


Map Is Art Marble Clock Side

Check out all the map creations that are available HERE!


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2 thoughts on “Map Is Art Memorializes Our Summer Time Perfectly With Their Marble Clock @MapIsArt

  1. Debbie Welchert says:

    This is kind of a neat idea. I would love to have one of these made for my daughter of our trip to South Dakota when she was a little girl.

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