#DreamEssentials Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask For A Restful Sleep

Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask

We love our Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask – it is perfect for a great nights sleep.  But even more so – if we have a need (or desire and ability) to take a nice nap during the day – the last thing you want is the sun shining in through the blinds and curtains.  Even with room darkening stuff in our bedroom – it is never truly dark.  Not to mention the earplugs that come with this set – my neighbor is a very handy fella – but that also means that there is a great deal of noise coming from his workshop all day long.



I most look forward to using this set up at the campground beginning in May.  At the campground the place is buzzing with noise and bright daylight by 6am.  That is great for those that only camp there occasionally but for us – we are there every weekend and at some point in our lives need some sleep.  And each bedroom in the camper has a sun light area at the top of the ceiling that also doubles as a vent when open.  We have yet to come up with a way to block that area and stop sunlight when we don’t want it while still being able to use the vent when we want to.  This Dream Essentials set is the perfect solution for each of us.


The set comes complete with a nice carrying pouch and the mask is very comfortable with no pressure on my eyes.  The mask is also adjustable so my daughter can also use it during the day when she wants to take a nap and the rest of us still want to go about our day.


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