DynoMighty Presents: Stash Bag, Mighty Wallet and Wristlet #MightyWallet

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DynoMighty’s Mighty Wallet is tear-resistant, water-resistant, expandable and recyclable. Made from Tyvek® (think express mail envelopes), these cool wallets resist tearing because of thousands of interlocking plastic fibers spun in random patterns, giving them incredible strength.
Mighty Wallet

The origami construction was, and is, the original folded paper wallet designed by Terrence Kelleman. The stitch-less design reinforces the materials own strength and allows these very slim wallets to instantly expand and adapt to your own personal storage needs.



In these images you see the Mighty Wallet, Wristlet and Stash Bag – but they also have other designs such as:  Rabbit’s Foot pack, Mighty Stash Bag, Mighty Case, Mighty Case Slim, Funny Money, Passport Covers, Luggage Tags, Custom Wallets and even more…
Stash bag

I don’t know if the “fabric” is the same as the express mail envelopes but to me these feel like those pesky tags on pillows or mattresses that say “do not remove”.  And lord knows those tags can be on the products for 30 years and not deteriorate in any way whatsoever – the print remains in tact and the tag itself never shows any sign of wear.  So why not make indestructible wallets!


What is even more interesting about the Mighty Wallet is that there are no seams – it is designed with a single sheet of tyvek and created with an origami design.  I thought about opening mine up to show you but then I feared I just may not get it back together again…


The stash bag is perfect for my daughter to take lunch money to school or to run around the campground with for the pool and/or campground store.  Naturally, I am cherishing the wristlet.  It is very durable and plenty large for anything I need to carry as an essential item.  Then I don’t need to carry my purse everywhere – which I do less and less as time goes on.  I am very happy to have new solutions that are thinner and more durable!


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