My Car Goes From Drab To Fab With Vinyl Disorder @VinylDisorder

From Drab to Fab With The Help of Vinyl Disorder


A few years ago I decided to put my blog’s name on the rear window of my car.  Now you would think I would have looked at the car first – it was new (to me) and I made the letters on my Cricut machine with black re-positionable contact paper.  I have an old Cricut so I couldn’t lay out all my letters first to see the size.  Once I got outside and was ready to place one letter at a time on the car – I saw that my rear window was tinted black…  I proceeded anyway.  Since I was eye-balling it the website name was not centered and they were not in perfect alignment.  But it stayed on my car for three years until this winter.  It peeled off without a problem.  I wasn’t going to do the one letter at a time deal again though, I wanted white and I wanted it to be perfectly aligned….


Which leads me to Vinyl Disorder.  The Stuff of Success has been up and running for four years this month.  I have no idea if putting my site name on my car does anything to actually increase my followers but I like it anyway…  Although I think I need to get a tagline phrase in smaller letters to put underneath – something to consider for sure.


I also just created a new logo and wanted to show it off.  I have t-shirts etc… with my old logo so it is time to update everything.  Vinyl Disorder has an awesome feature where the user can create their own Custom Stickers.  I used this opportunity to create some Vinyl Fabric stickers and Gloss stickers.


Gloss Stickers – Gloss finish will last 3 – 5 years outdoors in all weather conditions. Made of high quality vinyl not paper so made to last!  Vinyl Fabric stickers are an indoor media that can be used outdoors too – it’s awesome!  Matte finish stickers will last 3 – 5 years outdoors in all weather conditions.  They are made of high quality vinyl not paper so made to last! Clear Stickers come in gloss or matte and will last 3 – 5 years outdoors in all weather conditions.  Also made of high quality vinyl not paper!


Today I am going to show you an application for the Vinyl Fabric stickers – like I said I created a logo (square) with the custom sticker creator.  I wanted a logo that I could place in the lower corner of my rear window – passersby will see my logo and my site name all in one glance.


Custom Vinyl Fabric Sticker


Check out the full rear window:



Definitely the white logo image and the white site name are much more pronounced than the black on black.  And Vinyl Disorder products hold up so well.  I have already washed my car a few times (have to with all the salt on the roads from this horrid winter in New England) and they are good as new.  Of course I hadn’t expected anything less.


And our Newfoundland…




And English Mastiff…



And right now you can get 30% off your order with coupon code:  STRTM30


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