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Do you love working with little children?  Pediaswim is looking for persons interested in becoming an infant swimming instructor.  Would you like to make a difference in the lives of children – then this is definitely an opportunity for you.  Learning to swim truly does save lives.  And kids just love water – they are so happy and free and if they learn early, they don’t develop fear.

We have children ranging in age from 10-28.  The oldest two learned two swim quite young and the oldest was always swimming with me.  We would swim significant distances – giving my husband a heart attack.  He didn’t grow up as a strong swimmer so I totally understood.  I however grew up spending summers on a lake either swimming, boating, skiing etc…  Always something.  There were islands in the lake and my friends and I would constantly swim out to the islands, spend a few hours hanging out, then swim back.


Our middle child is not a swimmer at all.  She is adopted but we didn’t get her until she was 6 years old.  By that time she already had a fear of water and was never quite able to get over that.  The youngest two are swimmers – our 14 year old is autistic and can swim.  He will never be a great swimmer but he swims enough to enjoy water and to get to close destinations.  Our 10 year old is a water natural – she is always on a boogie board, diving board and more.


I can’t imagine having to worry constantly about my children in water.  Don’t get me wrong – I watch them quite diligently.  They are not allowed in water without an adult around.  But now I spend most of my time watching where they swim off to – not watching to see if they were drowning.  They swim in pools, lakes, oceans, rivers – pretty much anywhere and everywhere.



 In our area of Connecticut there are not many opportunities for children to learn to swim.  You could become an infant swim instructor  through the infant swimming instructor certification program at Southwest Aquatics in Winter Garden Florida.  Training takes approximately 4 weeks, 5 days per week.



You take the certification that you receive and are completely able to open your own business.  They even teach you some marketing strategies for your success.  You can help, make a living, and have fun!  Sadly, drowning is the #1 cause of accidental death in children ages 0-4.  And it is even more sad that drowning is preventable – communities just need the ability to teach babies to swim.


Growing up on, in and near water – I have seen too many accidents with infants, children and adults.  Some were absolutely due to not knowing how to swim or how to swim well enough.  It is difficult as a child to watch your mom pull babies out of the water and give them CPR – and that did happen several times.  In every case the babies did survive but only because my mom was around, kept her eyes peeled constantly and knew what to do.  Those children and parents were the lucky ones.


Check out Pediaswim now and make a difference!


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  • Natalie Brown

    As we live in Florida, our pediatrician told us right away to start swim lessons with my son. He told us that drowning is the #1 way children under the age of 5 pass in our state. Needless to say, I had him in lessons at about 9 months old. Then again at the age of 4. This is a cool service. I too grew up on water, am a strong swimmer and hope that all people would have the chance to learn how.

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