Best Original Smokeless Indoor Grill from Ramini Brands

indoor smokeless grill

Ramini Brands Indoor Grill

Great when you want a taste of the summer in the dead of winter!

Ramini Brands Smokeless Indoor Grill is a great way to make it feel like it’s summer when there are 3 feet of snow on the ground (if you’re in New England this winter it’s more like 5 feet!).  The grill sits on top of your gas or electric stove and browns your meat just like you put it on the grill.

One of the things I love about the grill is that it sits on top of my stove so it doesn’t have to be near an outlet (which is at a premium in my house).  Because it doesn’t have it’s own heat source, it’s small and can fit in with all my other pots and pans.  Also, it has a non-stick drip pan to catch any grease or liquid so it doesn’t end up on the stove.

The neat feature is a well in the bottom where you can put all kinds of liquids like juice or wine to give a different flavor to your food. The liquid well works great and the steam keeps your meat moist while it’s gooing.

We used the grill to cook chicken and fish that we had marinated so we just put water in the liquid well. We also cooked some asparagus on it. I was totally impressed.  The meat came out great and there was very little smoke.

Below is a short demonstration of the product!

In addition to the  the product, Ramini sends you an email with all sorts of recipes to use with the grill.  They include Finger Lickin Apple Cider Ribs, Lil Lamb Kabobs, Backyard Sausage Rolls and many more.

You can find Ramini Brands Smokeless Indoor Grill along with many other Ramini Brands products on Amazon.

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