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Kill Cliff Sports Recovery Drink – Energy Without Huge Amounts of Caffeine and Sugar @KILLCLIFF

Kill Cliff Sports Recovery Drinks

Kill Cliff is a functional recovery drink made up of B, C, and E vitamins, electrolytes, and plant extracts including ginger root, green tea extract, and ginseng root powder as well as a unique enzyme blend. Kill Cliff aids in recovery and helps you feel awesome again through micro-nutrient replenishment and is best taken before, after or during a strenuous workout, or when you need to fight that not-so-awesome feeling. Kill Cliff is an alternative to other everyday beverage choices; no sugar, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors and only 15 calories! And it’s the perfect complement to macro-nutrient-based protein and carb recovery products. Kill Cliff also tastes AWESOME and just to be clear, it is NOT an energy drink.


Kill Cliff comes in three flavors:

  • Tasty (Blood Orange)
  • Free Fall (Lemon-Lime)
  • Double Awesomeness (Pomegranate Watermelon


Kill Cliff

I must admit that I don’t work out nearly as hard as these guys do – but I do often need energy for all that I do in a day and resorting to large amounts of caffeine is definitely not the answer.  I need the energy without getting the jitters; I didn’t want a large number of empty calories; and preferably not alot of sugar.  Kill Cliff is an awesome solution – sugarfree, low calorie, low caffeine and tastes great.  It does have some sweetness from sucrolose which doesn’t bother me but it does bother some people.


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  • Cheryl Rahkonen

    These sound great. I always stay away from the energy drinks as they have caused some bad side effects for other people. Only 15 calories and I wouldn’t have to worry about all that sugar.

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