Universal USB Portable Charger for Phone & Tablet – Never Be Caught Without Power!

Universal USB Portable Charger for Phone & Tablet

I have several trips coming up that will keep me away from an actual charger for long periods of time.  Having my phone die for lack of power would be a huge problem.  I need to be in touch with work; I have special needs children who I need to have constant contact with providers; and naturally there is anything to do with this blog.  I must have a reliable portable charger.  Additionally, when I am not traveling I often have to deal with emergency situations in my job.  It is not at all acceptable to have a phone that is dying while I am trying to maintain emergency communications.


The Vivant Universal USB Portable Charger for Phone & Tablet is a reliable way to keep my methods of communication working at all times.  It is a powerful, high quality power bank that offers protection against overcharging and short circuiting.  When you buy this you not only get the full size charger but you also get the lipstick charger.  It is less powerful but sufficient for at least one charge – best of all it fits right in my pocket!  Now I have no worries for the hours I am flying, while trying to get to my destination etc…  The large charger can charge an iPhone 5 six times!  That is amazing.  I have an iPhone 6+ and I get just about three charges out of it.  As much as the lipstick charger can easily be carried in a pocket – the larger charger is very rugged and powerful and fits easily into my purse, backpack, carry-on or beach bag.

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