Spirelli Spiral Slicer For Interesting and Decorative Fruits and Vegetables #need2spiralize

Spirelli Spiral Slicer


This Spiral Slicer transforms raw vegetables into pasta-like noodle shapes that are the perfect healthy alternative to carb heavy pasta.   This is a great way to eat healthier, lose weight, get in shape, eliminate carbs, go gluten free, eat paleo or just discover a new way to make pretty dishes.




This compact spiral slicer fits neatly in a drawer and is a more affordable alternative to the countertop tri-blade spiralizer.


Spiral Slicer

Even if you already own a countertop style tri-blade spiralizer you still need a compact spiral slicer. It’s easier to clean, works just as quickly and doesn’t take up tons of counter space.  The Spiralizer Bonus bundle also includes a handy cleaning brush, and a full color, pictures included, downloadable recipe eBook called “The Ultimate Veggie Noodle Recipe Collection”.


Spiral Slicer Spirelli

This is exactly the type of kitchen accessory I love.  It is small, compact and effective.  My daughter can even use this slicer quite easily.  I actually have her showing you in the video just so you know how easy it is to use.  We are still all sick here and trying to recover but you will get the idea very clearly.

The premise is quite simple – there is a blade on each of two ends and you simply slide your fruit or vegetable into the side you wish to use and turn the food item to create spiral decorative strands of your favorite foods.  The brush that is included is helpful to clean the blades and there is even a full color booklet with recipes.  This spiral slicer is something that can easily be stored in our camper and it will take up minimal space.  Our diet does not need to be compromised when we are on the road.



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