Athletic Yoga Series – Yoga For Strength and Yoga for Flexibility by Gaiam

Athletic Yoga


Gaiam has five different Athletic Yoga DVDs – Yoga for Strength, Yoga for Flexibility, Yoga for Runners, Yoga for Power, and Yoga for Conditioning.  I have been given the opportunity to work with Yoga for Strength and Yoga for Flexibility.


EddieGeorge Yoga for Strength


Yoga for Strength is with Eddie George and features Kent Katich.  Former All-Pro NFL running back and Heisman Trophy Winner Eddie George joins sports yoga instructor Kent Katich for four dynamic, athletic yoga workouts designed to increase mobility, flexibility, strength and competitive focus.

You can elevate your game with these four workouts that are designed for all practice levels:

Dynamic Movement (20 minutes)
Use sun salutations to strengthen back and shoulders, increase flexibility and improve focus

Core Strength & Endurance (20 minutes)
This more dynamic practice uses breath control to build endurance, hip openers and standing poses to build leg strength, and arm balances to work the upper body

Power, Balance & Stability (20 minutes)
A focused session combining standing poses to create a strong foundation and improve alignment.

Cool-Down & Recovery (20 minutes)
Calming, restorative post-workout cool-down focuses on hamstrings, hips and back

Bonus Practice: Full-Body Workout (7 minutes) A short, yet dynamic full-body practice integrating cardio, strength and flexibility work


KevinLove Yoga for Flexibility


NBA All-Star Kevin Love joins sports yoga instructor Kent Katich in Yoga for Flexibility for four dynamic, athletic yoga practices designed to build flexibility, balance and competitive focus.

Elevate your game with these four workouts that are designed for all practice levels:

Progressive Warm-up (20 minutes)
A progressive warm-up that establishes the breath and body connection then moves to a dynamic sequence of yoga postures that build focus and improve flexibility

Power & Core (20 minutes)
Puts the focus on functional athletic movement and traditional yoga poses with a more active sequence that builds core

Complete Body Workout (20 minutes)
Combining standing poses with traditional vinyasa flow, this challenging total body workout helps build concentration and focus while developing balance and stability

Deep Stretch & Restore (20 minutes)
Calming, restorative post-workout cool-down focuses on hamstrings and hips while relaxing the whole body and aiding overall muscle recovery, upper and lower body strength, and endurance




I love both of these DVDs.  It truly is the first time I have ever attempted to work with yoga.  I have done pilates and love it but never quite ventured into yoga.  Years ago I would workout hard with dance and aerobic activities of all kinds.  But now I can no longer do those – many leg surgeries and injuries later I am forced to find other methods of exercise that are fulfilling.  These DVD’s totally fit the bill.  First of all, my kids love yoga and they actually have experience with it from school.  It is a great activity that I can do and do safely with them.  I loss a great deal of flexibility after each of my surgeries.  I used to be able to bend over and put my full hands on the floor without bending my knees.  Not anymore.  I am hoping to get there with the help of these programs.  And strength – never quite got that back after all the surgeries either.  I can’t wait to see the results after weeks of working with these programs.  I was given the DVDs to review but I am considering downloading from iTunes.  I always have my iPhone with me and that would definitely be the most convenient.  In fact, we are headed out on a trip and wish to still do these routines.  It will be inconvenient to take DVDs with me but definitely not inconvenient to take the “i” devices.  Camping would also be easier with the workouts on iTunes…


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  1. Sandra Watts says:

    I think I need some work out tapes or yoga to get me motivated a little more. I still have more weight to come off.

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