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Investig8 Mobile Forensics by Susteen

Susteen mobile forensic products are currently in use with the FBI, DOD and hundreds of law enforcement agencies nationwide. They now allow the general public access to mobile forensic software that can pull TEXTS, EMAILS, WEB HISTORY, APPLICATION DATA, CALL HISTORY and MORE from thousands of phones including the newest Androids and iPhones.

With Investig8, what was once only allowed for government use, can now be used by Mothers and Fathers, Husbands and Wives. Get valuable data that can help a loved one. Stop Cyberbullying, catch a cheating spouse or save a child from online predators with the click of a button! Some deleted info is now available including texts and pictures.

This is a great way to have added security – I can think of so many valuable uses.  It would be very interesting to use this kind of software in a workplace environment.  Very Big Brother like – not sure if that is a good thing or bad – guess it depends on who’s hands are in control.  There are so many potential uses to take into consideration before determining if it would be a positive powerful resource or a powerful negative resource.  You be the judge…


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