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ThinkFun Presents The Houdini Escape Artist Game

Houdini By ThinkFun


Houdini  (Ages 8 to adult, MSRP: $19.99)
Who isn’t intrigued by the sensational escape acts of Harry Houdini? In these 40 disentanglement puzzles featuring the great illusionist in miniature, you’ll use ropes, rings and a lock to secure him and work your magic to set him free – without undoing the clasps! Sound easy? Well, let’s just say we won’t ask you to tie yourself up quite yet!

What child does not want to become a magician?!  My son is totally in love with anything related to magic.  He is 14 and has special needs but like many children with special needs there are some things they just excel in.  His love for magic is one of those things.  When he uses these tricks his smile lights up a room and everyone offers so much support.  He feels like he has some amazing skills and it builds his confidence.  There are 40 challenges with this set and although he has not tried them all – the several that he has tried, he is accomplishing pretty imperceptibly.  As his skills improve so do the tasks that are possible.  This is totally a set of magical tools that requires thinking and focus.




We have enjoyed every ThinkFun game we have tried and this is no different.  I do wish the “person” was a little less flimsy because I am not sure how long it will last with my kids – but while it lasts, the kids are having a great time.


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