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#DisneySide Spring Break 2015 – Disney, Dreamcatcher Ranch, Family, Friends and FUN

DisneySide During Spring Break 2015


I have worked on a couple Disney projects in the last year and I never imagined at the time I (and my family) would actually get to Disney.  We spend all of our “vacation” money every year for a seasonal campsite.  With that commitment of time and money it seemed we would never get to Florida or Disney.  Plus our kids have special needs making long distance travel sometimes impossible.


But we have quite a bit of family in Florida – my two stepsons, my cousin, father and stepmother and more.  Then my father got sick again.  I booked a flight for my daughter and I to go down to see him but that quickly switched to the entire family going and driving down.  Lo and behold we were headed to Florida and started working on plans.  Naturally, we had far more desires than there was time.


First, we did not have to pay for lodging because we stayed with my stepson and his girlfriend.  That in itself was awesome and we could have just hung out there with my other stepson spending time and been perfectly happy.  We saw my father twice (he lives several hours away from where we were staying).


Dad and family


It is always great to see him – I miss him terribly.  We also went to Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Disney Village.  And many of you already know we also went to DreamCatcher Horse Ranch Rescue Center.


My kids had so many dreams come true on this visit – family, friends, horses, alpacas, goats, chickens, miniature ponies AND Disney!  I am actually surprised they were able to keep it together – with their special needs they can be overstimulated very easily but they were really good.  We had the best trip/vacation every and I would absolutely love to do it annually if we can manage it financially.


Anyway, here are some photos from our magical trip!











This is one of Loran’s dogs – Tucker.  There are three other dogs in the house – Jackson, Mollie and Brady.  But Tucker is small enough that Sephora can gather him up in her arms and he can be her constant companion.  Doesn’t seem to bother him in the least.



Off to our magical day – Actually this was at some point midday.   I think we were headed from Magic Kingdom to Epcot.  We tried to cram so much in to the time we had there!  Bob (my youngest stepson) unfortunately had to work but the rest of us had a great time.



Oh boy were we tired – we stayed until Epcot closed and had planned to venture back to Magic Kingdom but look how seriously tired we are!  We still had more days left and needed to get some rest…









Who doesn’t love legos?




What?  That is a living statue?  Sephora could tell something was “different” about this statue but she couldn’t quite tell what.  Til she touched her…



And Bob got out of work early and made a surprise appearance!  He surprised us with a total photobomb!







Typical Florida weather – beautiful by day and scary by night…




At the end of a hard/fun day, back to Bill’s house for some TV, games, dinner and fun.  Bill had to go to work though so we still had fun.


11068412_10204066847653347_5205440915048844234_nAnd no vacation or family time would be complete without Pure Country – which we watched TWICE, back to back.  We have watched this movie so many times we actually burned through several VHS copies, then several DVD copies and my stepsons even also have copies.  Now we have no fond feelings of Pure Country 2 but the original – AWESOME!


And there you have it – our first family trip to Florida, Disney parks, seeing my father and definitely not our last!


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