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Banana Hook – May Also Be Used For So Many Other Purposes! #bananahook

Banana Hook


This Banana Hook is an under the counter design that uses super stick adhesive to mount under the counter and holds a bunch of bananas so they ripen naturally!  This gadget can also hold towels, washcloths or other lightweight kitchen items and it only takes seconds to install.  I no longer have to worry about banana bruises – because no one will eat the bananas once they are bruised and it helps to keep our bananas delicious and fresh.


I also have very limited counter space – we have a pantry style kitchen.  It didn’t seem like a big deal when we bought the house but it has been horrible!  I feel like my kitchen is an RV kitchen – never enough space and constantly using every single nook and cranny.  When it isn’t in use it even folds up and out of the way.  I haven’t needed to add reinforcement screws but the ability to do so does exist.  We don’t have room on our counter or table for a more traditional banana tree – now our bananas are elevated and not exposed to everything the kids or dogs can bring around them.  I will however need to purchase some more because these heavy duty self adhesive hooks could have so many uses at the camper!


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