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Camping Folding Shovel Pick With Compass #survivaltoolcldbrands

Mini Folding Pick Shovel


Last weekend we began our camping season.  At this time of year everything we do seems to include products that have multiple utility – they cannot do just one function or we simply do not have the space for them.  This is an amazing Camping Folding Pick With Shovel emergency survival tool with a multi-purpose shovel.


Camping Folding Shovel Pick With Compass


But, it is definitely not just a shovel – it is a folding shovel, dibble pick, saw, compass and bottle opener.  It is easy to use and carry and folds down to a size just larger than the palm of my hand.  We can take it camping, on our bikes, to the beach, or just plain old in the back yard!  It is great for outdoor activities like gardening, camping, hiking, mountain climbing, military digging and more…  I can keep it in my car when it is not in use – or even better – for us we would most likely leave it in the truck or suburban – or purchase several more and store one in each vehicle!  Not only is it compact but it is lightweight – it includes a nice camouflage case and no one can tell what is inside it.  If I told anyone there was a shovel and a pick in there – I seriously doubt they would believe me.  It is definitely not a toy but of course my son really wants it!  To use it – the pieces simply screw together and then it is ready for full use.

When folded up it measures just 6 inches long but once unfolded and set up – it is more than twice its size at 16 inches long.  It also comes with an electronic delivery of Survival Guide eBook.  It is definitely not a toy and should not be used by children without adult supervision.


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