Owltopper Black Stallion Corkscrew – Classy and Functional! #TheOwltopperCorkscrewisaworkofArtbyDanszj

Owltopper Black Stallion Corkscrew


Owltopper’s Black Stallion Corkscrew is an Ebony Handled Double hinged Stainless corkscrew Wine opener.  This “Champion of Corkscrews” personifies the black stallion, spirited and noble. A sommelier waiter’s wine corkscrew made from the finest quality ebony and stainless steel, curvaceous ergonomic handle for effortless gripping and use.  It has a sturdy Foil Cutter with fine tapered tip, customizable hinging for smooth opening.  Special channeled corkscrew for easy twisting and cork removal.

“PACKAGING FOR KEEPS” made from 100% recycled materials makes this corkscrew a wonderful wine gift.


Owltopper corkscrew


This corkscrew is perfect for my husband and I.  The handle reminds me of a really nice ebony knife.  But – no – it is a corkscrew and a gorgeous one at that.  Even the box is attractive and makes for a great gift for a friend or loved one.  I don’t envision this corkscrew breaking any time in the near future – perhaps never.  It is sturdy and very well made and when I store my corkscrew in its original box I can place it in a cabinet where I can always find it versus being thrown into the overwhelming utensil drawer.  I swear that drawer is like a black hole and when we can’t find what we are looking for, we simply resort to continually buying replacements.


Owltopper corkscrew folded up



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4 thoughts on “Owltopper Black Stallion Corkscrew – Classy and Functional! #TheOwltopperCorkscrewisaworkofArtbyDanszj

  1. Sandra Watts says:

    That is cool looking. I don’t even have a cork screw anymore. I will have to look for this when I get one.

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