Burpless and Odorless Omega3 Fish Oil By Glory Feel #gloryfeelOmega3

GloryFeel Omega3 Fish Oil



So often it is recommended for members of my family to take Omega3 Fish Oil.  Most recently it was recommended for me for my arthritis and even my asthma.  Even my dog was prescribed Omega3 for her arthritis.  But as I began to research its benefits and realized it was also helpful for weight loss, healthy heart, brain support and healthy skin – I leaned towards definitely taking it.  I could not stand the thought of burping up a fish odor though.  That would drive me berserk.  First of all I am not a fan of fish – it is a very rare occasion that anyone would find me eating seafood of any kind.  Plus I have meetings all day long at work – I would be incredibly embarrassed if there was an odor of fish and no one could figure out who it was – or worse they figured out it was me!




Omega3 Fish Oil by GloryFeel is different… there is 2000mg of fish oil per serving – triple strength.  The capsules are burpless and odorless with an enteric coating.  Pharmaceutical Grade Essential Fatty Acids – Molecularly Distilled Fish Oil (1,400mg Omega 3 Fatty Acids: 600mg DHA + 800 mg EPA per Serving).  I only take one pill per day so one bottle lasts me 120 days.  I am not a meat or seafood eater so I definitely need these supplements.  Otherwise, my joints are killing me and cursing me all day long.  It does take a while for my body to start to recognize the benefits but then, as long as I don’t stop taking them, I feel much better and this particular brand has been very helpful and I have had no residual burping or odors.


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