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Strapnapper Guitar Strap Holder #strapsnake

Strapsnapper Guitar Strap Holder


For Christmas my son asked for an electric guitar.  We did get him a strap but he had yet to put the strap on the guitar.  Then I received this Strapsnapper Guitar Strap Holder to review and it solved the problem.  This guitar strap holder is definitely intended for an acoustic guitar but he certainly didn’t care.  He saw it and wanted it.  We do have acoustic guitars – well actually I do and my oldest stepson does.  The youngest kids both have electric guitars – personally I don’t see the fascination with electric because I just love the rich tones of an acoustic – but to each their own.




This guitar strap holder eliminates the need for a flimsy string tie and it fits above the neck on the headstock.  It works with most straps and definitely worked with his.  He is quite the happy little camper now and I don’t have to worry as much about him dropping his guitar.  It is a really nice guitar – not something I can quickly and easily replace if something happens to it.  It is made of leather with a faux leather topside and a star stamped metal button.




It was very easy to put on and works perfectly.  And my son feels so cool for having this special guitar strap holder.  No one else in the family has one so he constantly boasts about his prize.


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    The musicians opinion on whether such a belt is a must for purchase is divided. “Definitely yes” – say the electric guitarists. Most acoustic guitar players claim that standing guitar performance is much worse. In any case, it is up to every musician to decide whether to buy a belt or not.

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