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Outdoor Collapsible Travel Drinking Cup #notjustagadget So Happy To Have It For Camping!

Outdoor Collapsible Travel Drinking Cup


This Outdoor collapsible silicone drinking cup is perfect for traveling, camping and hiking. Well, when you attend an event, it would replace your paper cup for you allowing you to drink any hot or cold beverages.  It is super packable for any outdoor occasion while also being BPA-free, hygienic and made of 100% food-grade silicone and easy to clean.



An added bonus is that it has a pill box located in the lid.  It holds up to 1 cup of liquid and can withstand a temperature range of -40 degree C (-40 degree F) to 230 degree C (446 degree F). Suitable for cold drinks, tea, coffee and other hot beverages.


My family and I go camping a lot or we like to enjoy a bonfire on the beach. Basically we love the outdoors. We like to think of ourselves as environmentally friendly people but during these trips we used quite a few paper/plastic cups. I decided to change that and brought this cup last weekend to Maine.  Everyone is happy with it and we will be purchasing more.  Not too mention it takes up so much less space than traditional cups in the camper.

It’s BPA free which was an important factor for me when looking for something. It’s super easy to clean which is great because cleaning/washing stuff isn’t always easy when camping. It’s stack-able making it very portable and convenient to pack as it does not take much space at all. The absolute best part about this cup though is the fact that you can use it for very cold and very hot drinks. My inlaws love drinking extremely hot tea and this cup can handle the heat.

All in all, this is an excellent cup for campers. You’re doing yourself, and the environment, a favor by getting this. Highly recommend.



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