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Aquasana Filter Bottle – Pure, Healthy Water At Your Fingertips



The Aquasana Filter Bottle is unlike any other bottle on the market. They have paired a smart, beautiful design with cutting edge filter technology that has never before been available in a bottle.




What they have created is the ultimate drinking vessel. Use it with the high performance filter and it’s a reusable glass bottle that can deliver better than bottled water quality, instantly!  Fill it up at any municipal water source – public water fountain, airport faucet, even a bathroom sink – and know you’re getting the cleanest, most delicious water possible. Or remove the filter and use the glass bottle for holding homemade smoothies, kombucha, fresh-pressed juices, or whatever else you may be drinking.




So how does this happen? The secret is cutting edge patented filter technology unlike any other bottle filter out there.  At the core of the filter is a woven nano-fiber membrane with an electrostatic charge. In addition, they have used a combination of adsorption, mechanical filtration, and ion-exchange to achieve professional grade filtration right at your fingertips.




The result? The most delicious, “better than bottled water quality” drinking water, instantly. The filter in this bottle is designed to effectively remove impurities from the water including:

  • BACTERIA like E.coli
  • LEAD from old pipes
  • VIRUSES like influenza
  • CHLORINE a chemical disinfectant
  • CYSTS like giardia


They partnered with friends at Motiv, up in Boston, to come up with the perfect bottle shape and design. Together they created the perfect blend between beauty and functionality. The bottle features a smart, ergonomic shape that was designed to fit comfortably in your hand for easy drinking.   The sleeve features an unconventional weave pattern to provide optimal grip-ability, while also completely protecting the glass bottle from top to bottom.  The modular bottle cap was designed to be used with or without the filter. With the filter, you get instantly clean, filtered drinking water. Remove the filter, and the Aquasana bottle is the perfect glass vessel for holding homemade smoothies, kombucha, fresh-pressed juices, or whatever else you’re drinking! The cap also features a silicone closure to protect the mouthpiece from dirt and secures tightly to prevent spillage.  Made from high quality borosilicate glass instead of plastic. Plastic can leech chemicals into your water or beverage. Glass is the best material for storing and keeping what you drink pure and free of chemicals.  The glass bottle holds 650ml or 22 oz. of liquid. The filter displaces about 6 oz. of water, so the bottle with the filter will hold up to 16 oz. of water at a time.

Just one Aquasana filter lasts 80 gallons. That’s the equivalent of over 600 disposable plastic water bottles!  Staying properly hydrated is so central to our health. This bottle makes it easy to incorporate drinking more water into your lifestyle.  They offer a convenient filter replacement program so you never have to remember to buy filters, or you can easily order online at


Help with their Kickstarter Campaign now and be the first to get the Aquasana bottle!


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