Pure Copper Moscow Mule Mug with Copper Shot Glass #KitchenClassique

Pure Copper Moscow Mule Mug with Copper Shot Glass


100% COPPER FOR AUTHENTIC MOSCOW MULE– Moscow Mules were meant to be served in a 100% pure copper mug – so why have it any other way? Copper retains the cold of any drink better than other materials and significantly improves the taste (and experience!) of drinking a Moscow Mule. While lots of other copper mugs have stainless-steel, nickel, or food-lacquer inner coatings which contaminates your drink, our mugs are 100% copper with absolutely no impurities, additives or lining.  When you serve up Moscow Mules in these 100% copper you’re ensured the proper citric acid reaction for maximum taste and enjoyment.



This set even comes with a pure copper shot glass! This beautifully-crafted shot glass lets you make your drinks in style. It also ensures you can measure out and create your Moscow Mule with 100% copper for a blemish-free drink.These copper shot glasses make a stylish one-of-a-kind addition to any kitchen!


These Copper Moscow Mule Mugs are each carefully handcrafted into the beautiful hammered copper mug you see in the product images. The hammered barrel mug is classy and comfortable to drink out of. The 16 oz capacity is the perfect size to hold your drink and ice cubes without worrying about spills like other smaller mugs. Each handle is seamlessly welded to the mug’s exterior for a sleek and sturdy design – no tacky rivets or flimsy handles here!


Copper Mug works great for chilled beer, iced coffee, iced tea and any vodka, gin, rum, tequila, or whiskey mixed drinks. The copper mug is unparalleled in retaining cold and transferring the refreshing coolness of your drink directly to your lips for an experience that can’t be beat! Moreover, many experts tout the benefits of drinking water from 100% copper drinkware.


Benefits of the Pure Copper Moscow Mule Mug with free Pure Copper Shot Glass

●    Copper is an excellent insulator which keeps your drink cold longer
●    16 oz capacity works perfect for Moscow Mule drinkers
●    Accompanying all copper shot glass is the great fit with the mug
●    Hammered Copper exterior gives it an unique look
●    100% Pure copper and no lining to interfere with your drinking pleasure
●    Copper is an essential mineral that the body cannot create itself



This handy mug came in the mail and guess who was quick to scoff it up as her own – my daughter.  She thinks every package is for her.  The good news is she does help with the blog and is entitled to some of the benefits.  The bad news for her is – this is for dad and I!  We are not drinkers so the shot glass will not be heavily used by us – although she put it aside to use with her protein shakes (as as scoop for the powder)…  Not a bad idea – she is always full of ideas.  These are designed for cold drinks only – do not plan on drinking hot drinks because you will not be able to handle to mug – it will get to hot.  These are perfect for nice iced teas after a hard days work… Or chillin’ by the pool or even sitting on the beach…  These are very well made and not just plated mugs.  Top quality.


We especially like the unique hammered copper exterior and barrel shape. What else sets it apart is that the handles are carefully welded to mug. This eliminates the tacky appearance of oversized rivets that you normally find on other mugs.  The 16 oz. capacity makes it a great choice for your favorite ice cold beverage including the Moscow Mule.


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