Revitagen Stretch Mark and Skin Rejuvenating Cream #revitagen

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5 Responses

  1. Emily Endrizzi says:

    I’m skeptical of any product that claims to get rid of stretch marks. This product doesn’t appear to claim that…just to reduce their appearance. I find that more believable. I got stretchmarks from my first pregnancy, but not my following two, therefore my stretchmarks are 17 years old. I have come to accept them. They are actually less noticeable since I had a tummy tuck about 12 years ago and many of them were removed during that. Stretch marks are scars and cannot be removed completely, but I would give this a try if I ever wanted to reduce their appearance.

  2. AC says:

    This looks like a great product. I need to start taking better care of my skin.

  3. Holly E says:

    Sounds like a great product. I would love to try this on my own stretch marks. I will be checking out this brand.

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