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Betta Bridges Pets Natural Tear Stain Remover #doglovers



Our Newfoundland constantly has “eye gunk” and no matter how many times I wipe her eyes or try to clean her eyes she still has tear stains.  Shampoo, soap, and any other cleaner never seem to make a difference.  She always looks like she has dirty eyes.


She is a girl who loves to be pampered though.  She loves to be brushed, clipped, bathed, have her toenails clipped and ears cleaned.  Good thing she is a dog and not my daughter or all this pampering would become quite expensive!


I didn’t even know there was anything we could do about her tears or the tear stains.  We have had many dogs and some have this issue and some don’t.  I just attributed it to the breed.  But guess not because now her eyes look much better!


Why Betta Bridges Pets Eye Tear Stain Remover eliminates ugly tear stains from the inside out so she can be gorgeous again.  It even prevents eye discharge (her eye gunk) and potential infections.  It even works to lighten the stains she already has around her eyes and on her coat and starts working to prevent new stains from forming.  It is 100% all natural and organic with no chemicals, alcohol or steroids.

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  • Cindy Brooks

    Thanks for the review! I looked at this on Amazon and it had great reviews there, too, so I’ve ordered some.

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