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Space Scouts is an Awesome Way to Educate Your Child #SummerAdventure


I have immense respect for mothers with more than one kid – My husband and I have a hard time managing our adorable, yet over-energetic 10-year old, I really don’t know how we would cope with two or more!


Space Scouts 1


Educate a hyperactive child…

My daughter turned 10 a couple of months ago. She is a bright student, but gets distracted easily, which affected her studies as well. She absorbs information like a sponge but her attention span is way too short. Her teachers kept telling me she could do much better if she could focus. I was desperately looking for an activity that would be interesting and educational at the same time.  Then I found out about Space Scouts


Space Scouts 2

What is Space Scouts?

The very first thing I liked was it involved no TV or Internet. Don’t get me wrong – a healthy amount of exposure is fine, but including them in every aspect of a child’s life isn’t productive. At this age, children want to make friends and experience stuff together, and luckily they have Roxy and Jett from the Space Scouts to show them around the solar system. It is an amazing way for them to learn about the different planets, constellations, and other elements.


Space Scouts 3

How is it beneficial for your child?
Space Scouts is a 12 week adventure with interactive learning activities, which you enter with monthly subscriptions. It will not only capture your child’s interest, but also help to add to their knowledge of the solar system in an exciting manner. The following contents are given to each Space Scout right at the start:
Space Scouts lunchbox with a magnetic background

Solar system poster

Startup kit with ring and cover

There is a monthly packet which has the following items:

Exploration plan – it provides details about the place to be surveyed.

Magnets and monthly exploration stickers for adding to the lunchbox and solar system poster respectively,

Two thrilling activity sheets – one with loads of fun puzzles, quizzes, and games, and the other with mythological stories and learning activities to help your kid in recognizing constellations in the night sky.

Sticker scramble to discover the surprise in the numbered stickers.

Souvenir toy to aid in educational activities.

Constellation card to store in the startup kit.


Space Scouts 4

Thanks to the Space Scouts program my daughter’s concentration has improved, her grades are much better and her time is occupied with something useful that she immensely enjoys – I would recommend this to all fellow mothers!


The photos in this post are two shipments of Space Scouts


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  • Jane Ritz

    . Oh my goodness, I wish I could afford this for my 10 year old grandson. He has ADHD . He is fascinated by space. He would love this.Your review is awesome.

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