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LG G4 Phone at Best Buy


The Mobile Phone of all Mobile Phones!

We live in a world where new technology seems to be coming out on a daily basis at this point. Whether it is a video game system, computer, headphones, or phone. Each and every company claims to be better than the last with new, advanced technology that cannot be topped. It is a bit hard to believe unless you know all the “geek” speak. So I did my research and have the phone that does top them all. This device’s sole purpose is to make your life easier and more fun. It is the LG G4, which just hit shelves as their newest model device and may be found at your local Best Buy or online!




Lets talk selfies. There is no point in lying to ourselves.  We know these little pictures have taken over the camera world. There are even apps dedicated just to selfies along with selfie sticks, which are made for the purpose of making it easier to take selfies. Now if you want to capture that perfect moment you need a perfect camera. The LG G4 has that.




This camera isn’t just a point and shoot. You actually have the option of adjusting your aperture for low light pictures and gives you over 135 settings to tinker with to get that perfect shot. It has laser focus and a 16MP rear-facing camera paired with an 8MP front facing one. This type of camera in you phone means you don’t have to lug around heavy camera equipment on your adventures.




Lets take a step out of the camera world and into that of relaxation. We all like music, movies, and games. Wouldn’t you want to do all that on a high quality cutting-edge display? The LG G4 has you covered. The screen is completely touch screen and 25% brighter for easier viewing and navigation. Did I mention it is HD? This allows you to watch your favorite music videos with the incredible, eye-catching detail.




Lets not forget about all your apps. The LG G4 is compatible with all of the apps you know and love. You don’t have to go anywhere without the assistance of you bank, step counter, recipes, books, and much more. Want to add some more flare to your phone? The LG G4 has more accessories than Barbie. From head phones to blue tooth devices, watches to activity trackers, and all the different types of cell phone cases to name a few. Smartphones were made to make your life easier, and the LG G4 took that up a notch.


My contract is up in July for my phone and I can’t wait – this would be a wonderful phone to have as a blogger.


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